GMC Sierra EV: The next generation is ready

GMC Sierra EV- The next generation is ready

It’s been known for some time that General Motors (GM) is preparing a worthy electric future for us. With the company’s pickup trucks, they haven’t wanted to rush things because of a particular concern; offering enough to consumers.

But now, the group’s two flagship models have been introduced. After Chevrolet unveiled its Silverado EV pickup truck, GMC has now done the same with its Sierra EV model.

There’s a lot of data being shared, and we’ll have a chance to go through it all in the next few months, as the Canadian version is expected to be available in the year 2025. In 2024, Americans will be treated to the first edition of the model, the one that was presented. Don’t worry, we’ll get much the same thing a year later.

In the meantime, here are five very interesting things about the GMC Sierra EV.

Distinct design

One of the things GMC wanted with the design of the Sierra EV was to make it stand out from the gasoline model. It’s succeeded in that regard, as nothing, other than a few signature traits related to the brand, is the same.

The lighting treatment up front, with the headlights lowered and the daytime running lights placed higher, is interesting to avoid blinding other drivers and improve our visibility. The front trunk is of course unique to the model and the fact that the center part of the grille lifts up with the hood makes it much easier to access.

At the rear, the lack of separation between the body and the box proves that we’re dealing with a different structure here, namely the 800-volt Ultium architecture from General Motors (GM). It’s promised to add strength and rigidity to the product.

The body

Still on the subject of design, we have to look at the box. It’s 5’11”, which is good. However, it’s not enough to put longer items. Fortunately, GMC has the solution. Between the box and the cab is a bulkhead that can be lowered. It increases the cargo area to 9 feet. You can even open the tailgate and increase it to 11 feet. And the beauty is that the rear seat can be folded in a 60/40 ratio, so you can put very long items in the box and with a passenger in the back at the same time.

The power output

The power of the announced model must be addressed, as it is impressive at 754 horsepower and 785 pound-feet of torque. This will be possible by activating the Max Power mode, one of five settings offered. The others are the standard configuration, off-road preparation, towing setting, as well as a My Mode option that allows us to customize everything to our preferences.


As far as range goes, it’s 400 miles, or just over 640 km. The 400 miles was a priority for the company, because it is with this measure that we believe that buyers will be reassured.

They will also be happy to know that the range when towing in all-electric mode will not be penalized too much. In fact, the drop in fuel consumption will be the same as that experienced with a gasoline model. If fuel consumption increases by 25% with a rear charge, the range will be reduced by 25% with the same charge for the electric version.


With a capacity of 19.2 kW and an architecture of 800 volts, it will be possible to recover 160 kilometers of autonomy with a charging station offering a maximum power of 350 kW. That’s very interesting.

And as you can see from this brief information, the next generation is more than ready. Follow us for more news on the GMC Sierra EV soon.